Areas of expertise

Advice and representation relating to ongoing tax matters

  • Preparation of and cooperation in the preparation of all year-end financial statements
  • Preparation of all tax declarations and tax returns
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Completion of bookkeeping assignments and support of corporate accounting departments
  • Advice on all areas of accounting and bookkeeping

Advice on and planning of specialised tax and other structural corporate issues

  • Advice on specialised issues concerning charitable and non-profit organisations
  • Planning and implementation of tax-related and corporate structural optimization
  • Advice on corporate de-mergers, splitting and lease concepts
  • Tax-optimised advice on Corporate Finance issues
  • Advice and implementation support concerning IPOs and other floatation issues
  • Employee participation models
  • Tax-optimisation concerning corporate transfer, disposal and discontinuation issues
  • Setup and supervision of foundations under German Civil Law
  • Advice on matters of fund application and utilisation, wealth conservation and accounting for foundations
  • Tax arrangements concerning donations and sponsoring

Advice and representation before the Fiscal Authorities and external auditors

  • Obtaining binding statements from the financial authorities
  • Representation during complex external audits
  • Representation before and negotiation with all financial authorities
  • Advice on matters of tax collection (deferral, remission, cancellation)
  • Raising of objections and preliminary legal protection

Legal protection and representation in tax-related court cases

  • Representation before tax investigation authorities and the Public Prosecution in cases involving the following:
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Senior Management
    • Private persons
    • Staff & Colleagues
  • Cooperation in tax-related court cases

Succession planning and execution of wills

  • Advice on, and development of a corporate succession strategy
  • Tax-optimisation of wills
  • Advice on tax issues concerning the distribution and other matters of estate
  • Execution of wills

International tax advice

  • International (re)structuring of corporate activity for tax-optimisation
  • Cross-border restructuring (M&A, demerger, corporate splitting)
  • Double-taxation agreement
  • Foreign Tax Relations Legislation
  • Problems of international business relocation
  • Planning of an international inheritance and Inheritance Tax strategy
  • Tax-related advice on international relocation